Sports Fun Facts: Super Bowl

phillie phanatic dance gif

Do you like sports? Yes? Okay, then you should probably leave now because this is not really about sports at all.

In this installment of Fun Facts! we’ll be enjoying some entirely made up trivia about people partaking in the spectacle that is Super Bowl 49.

Let’s recap the rules established in the previous post about Fun Facts! (which you can read here):

  1. Be at an event where you know little to nothing about what’s going on and/or where you care little to nothing about what’s going on.
  2. Come up with Fun Facts! about people partaking in said event.
    1. Fun Facts! should be nonfactual. This should come naturally. See rule 1.

Since the Super Bowl is something of a big deal, I decided to make this game into a Buzzfeed quiz. Because I am part of the problem.

You’ll have to decide if Rob Gronkowski has a crush on the Phillie Phanatic or does a fantastic impression of the dog from Fraiser.

phillie phanatic dance gif

You’ll learn about Terry Bradshaw’s eating habits.

terry bradshaw

And you won’t believe what LeGarrette Blount found in a hopeless place! (It’s not what you think!!!!!)

LeGarrette Blount

Take the quiz and test your Super Bowl Fun Fact knowledge!

Good luck! I’m going to go drown myself in cheese dips now.

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