A New Thing!

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My friend and I started a podcast called This Week in Obscurity. If you’re into two girls talking about fake-ish news and very real passions for reality shows and sandwiches, then maybe you’ll like this.

Listen to our first episode here:


Let me know what you think but only if you like it a lot! Just kidding, I can take criticism! But only if it’s sandwiched between many compliments! I love sandwiches!

4 thoughts on “A New Thing!

  1. Hi Mia, Just listened to your first podcast. We enjoyed it. It was funny and enjoyable to listen to. Love, Mom, Dad & Zoey.

  2. Zoey is afraid of having telekinesis as his super power, because of flying knives and he’s not sure where it’s going to land…. Wait…he changed his mind. Now he does not want to be able to read people’s mind, because he does not what know other people’s dark secrets.

  3. Intelligent girl pretending to be silly.
    Granite counter-tops are great because you can cut things on them without them breaking, and they don’t have to be re-grouted like tile.

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