Gallery of Found Objects Curated by My Dog

“A Pair of Underwear from the Dirty Laundry Vol. 1”
(c. Sunday, 1:10 pm – 2:32 pm)
The artist created this work while her owner was grocery shopping. Some critics believe the piece represents longing, like an open love letter or the physical manifestation of separation anxiety. Others see it as a passive aggressive critique on the concept of dogs not being allowed in most grocery stores. The artist has chosen to leave her motivation ambiguous, refusing to respond to the question many have been asking: “why did you do this???”

“A Pair of Underwear from the Dirty Laundry Vol. 2”
(c. Monday, 8:02 am – 8:28 am)
This installation in the underwear collection was established while the artist’s owner was taking a particularly long shower. It seems to contradict the themes of forlorning present in the previous volume of this work as the owner was literally two feet away from the artist during its creation. The dirty underwear series as a whole has been criticized for lacking cohesive motivation and widely received as “super confusing and weird and kinda gross,” which was perhaps the artist’s intention to begin with.

“Three Pairs of Underwear from the Dirty Laundry: An Unfinished Work”
(c. Tuesday, 6:15 pm – 8:09 pm)
This piece remains, in theory, incomplete. It’s unknown how many pairs of underwear the artist would have collected in total should her owner have never returned from Target, a circumstance deemed possible given the artist’s inability to understand time and the shopping black hole that is Target. The artist presented this piece differently from previous underwear-centric exhibits, choosing to sit in the middle of a seance-like circle of the undergarments. Some have gone so far as to call this piece the artist’s first foray into performance art.

“Chicken Bone on a Mid-morning Walk”
(c. Wednesday, 10:16 am – 10:18 am)
This piece is a bold addition to the collection, given the artist’s untouched bowl of food at home. Many critics agree the artist appeared to have the most fun with this piece.

“One Single Tissue on the Bathroom Floor”
(c. Thursday, 4:16 pm – 4: 40 pm)
This piece, alternatively titled “Tiniest Protest”, was created when the artist’s owner went outside without her. While small, the work and its message did not go unnoticed. Mostly because the artist chose to sign this work with a craisin-sized poo.

“Hardened Pile of Deer Poop”
(c. Friday, 4:40 pm – 4:42 pm )
A response to “One Single Tissue,” this piece was added after the owner finally let the artist outside. This addition to the collection represents liberation and celebration while maintaining the throughline from the previous piece. (Poop. The throughline is poop.)

“Dead Spider on the Bed”
(c. Saturday, (9:10 pm – 9:11 pm)
Often inspiration strikes when an artist least expects it. For this piece, the artist was inspired by the prompt “go get your toy.” Retrieving the rope she frequently chews on would have been too obvious a choice. The artist instead chose to present a dead spider she found in the corner of the room. This installation was received with general disgust but is arguably the most thought provoking, leaving the artist’s owner to wonder, “Is my dog funnier than me?”

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