mia mercadoMia Mercado is a humor writer. Her second book SHE’S NICE THOUGH is available for pre-order and comes out August 30, 2022. Her debut collection of funny non-fiction essays WEIRD BUT NORMAL (HarperOne) is out now.

She’s currently a contributor to The Cut and writes a weekly column called I Can’t Shut Up About, providing shallow dives in her latest online obsession. Mia’s work work has also been featured in places like The New Yorker, the New York Times, Washington Posts’s The Lily, Bustle, McSweeney’s, Reductress, BUST, The American Bystander, Gizmodo, The Hairpin, Hallmark Cards, and a bottle she threw in the river when she was 9.

Mia’s done brand work with companies like Hallmark, Google, Hershey’s, and Maisonette. She has won ~awards~ and been talked about by the press but it’s whatever.

She grew up in Wisconsin and probably says “bag” wrong. Currently, she lives in Kansas City, working on freelance writing and self-control while eating chips.

She is me. I am her. I started writing this in third person and just kinda went with it.

Photo by Chase Castor