External Validation

I have been recognized TENS of times shopping at Kohl’s in my hometown. But if Melissa A.’s opinion of me doesn’t matter to you, maybe some of these people’s will.


See full book coverage here.

  • Bitch Magazine talked about my messy girlhood (lol get it).
  • Ms. Magazine included Weird But Normal on their list of new feminist books to read in 2020. I weep.
  • Bustle named Weird But Normal one of the 24 most anticipated books of May 2020. (Anticipation! Literary edging!)
  • Pop Sugar recommended Weird But Normal as one of the best new books to dive into this summer. Splish splash!


  • I wrote a Letter In The Mail for The Rumpus in March 2019! Very kind of them to let me enter people’s physical mailboxes wink wink and also nudge nudge.
  • The Rumpus staffer Elissa Bassist named my piece “What Does It Mean When a Girl Is Quiet?” as one of her 2018 Favorites. It was also one of the 20 most-read Rumpus pieces of 2018. As Elissa said, if you don’t read my piece, you are scientifically sexist.
  • I am on ~*a list*~ of The New Yorker’s Not-to-Be-Missed Shouts of 2017 and 2018.
  • I won a 2016 Gold ADDY Award (AAF-KC) for this music video about what not to say during the holidays that I wrote and co-starred in (yes i am a star u peasants) for Shoebox, Hallmark Cards’ humor brand.
  • I won a 2016 Bronze ADDY Award (AAF-KC) for this music video about new words recently added to the dictionary, which I also wrote and performed in for Shoebox. It lost to some Dairy Queen video about cakes, but I got to say “Michelle Obama” and “sext” in a video for Hallmark, so who’s the real winner here?
  • My high school biology teacher called me “kind hearted” and said my science skills were “middle of the pack” in a letter of recommendation in 2008.