External Validation

I have been recognized TENS of times shopping at Kohl’s in my hometown. But if Melissa A.’s opinion of me doesn’t matter to you, maybe some of these people’s will.


  • Comedy sweetie Irving Ruan interviewed me for the BraveMaker podcast.
  • Jon Winokur interviewed me for his Advice to Writers series. I used this as an excuse to talk about my one true passion: Love Island.
  • Vulture thinks you should follow me on Twitter. (Zero million followers can’t be wrong!!)
  • Listen to me be a guest on Weekly Humorist’s podcast Talkward and hear my quiet, nasally voice!!!

See full book coverage here.

  • Ms. Magazine included Weird But Normal on their list of new feminist books to read in 2020. I weep.
  • Bustle named Weird But Normal one of the 24 most anticipated books of May 2020. (Anticipation! Literary edging!)
  • Pop Sugar recommended Weird But Normal as one of the best new books to dive into this summer. Splish splash!


  • I wrote a Letter In The Mail for The Rumpus in March 2019! Very kind of them to let me enter people’s physical mailboxes wink wink and also nudge nudge.
  • The Rumpus staffer Elissa Bassist named my piece “What Does It Mean When a Girl Is Quiet?” as one of her 2018 Favorites. It was also one of the 20 most-read Rumpus pieces of 2018. As Elissa said, if you don’t read my piece, you are scientifically sexist.
  • I am on ~*a list*~ of The New Yorker’s Not-to-Be-Missed Shouts of 2017 and 2018.
  • I won a 2016 Gold ADDY Award (AAF-KC) for this music video about what not to say during the holidays that I wrote and co-starred in (yes i am a star u peasants) for Shoebox, Hallmark Cards’ humor brand.
  • I won a 2016 Bronze ADDY Award (AAF-KC) for this music video about new words recently added to the dictionary, which I also wrote and performed in for Shoebox. It lost to some Dairy Queen video about cakes, but I got to say “Michelle Obama” and “sext” in a video for Hallmark, so who’s the real winner here?
  • My high school biology teacher called me “kind hearted” and said my science skills were “middle of the pack” in a letter of recommendation in 2008.